16 May 2015


Jesus promised to be with His Church even till the end of time. So many Catholics, because of this promise made by Our Lord, find it difficult to believe that the Church can be in error. If the Church is currently in error, they argue, then the words of Christ are not true; but Christ cannot lie—therefore the Church cannot be in error.

The following revelations, given to Rev. Sister Hermana Guadalupe by Jesus Christ on June 9, 1989, is a warning to those who believe that with the current Satanic Ecumenism, now championed by a man who is manifestly a non-Catholic, Jorge Bergoglio, the Church is leading her children to the right path. Although these messages, given during the pontificate of John Paul 11, are not yet “official” within the Catholic Church, no one with a good Catholic conscience can doubt that they came from Our Lord Himself. For many who smartly dismiss messages of this nature as simply private revelation which one is not obliged to believe, St Paul’s First Letter to the Thessalonians is simply a warning:

'Extinguish not the spirit. Despise not prophecies. But prove all things; hold on to that which is good'. (1Thessalonians 5:19-21).  

On the current idol worship the Apostle writes:

‘Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God: as God saith: I will dwell in them and walk among them. And I will be their God: and they shall be my people.  Wherefore: Go out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing.’ (2 Cor. 6:14-16).

 Again, God Himself said in Sacred Scripture: “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.” (Exodus 20: 3).

Here are the messages:

‘Dearly beloved children, I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. My children, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Virgin Mary, the God of Love, the God that died nailed to the cross for love of you, speaks to you.

‘I am very happy to be able to communicate with you, to tell you many things that I have in my heart. The world is under a great and dense darkness, because these are times of the Great Confusion, and, for this reason, my Holy Mother and I come to instruct our children, to teach them so that they will not be confused, and so that they will not mistake their path. This is what we have been doing these past months; each time I have communicated with you about a different subject and my Holy Mother also does this. Today, I am going to talk to you about a different subject, called Ecumenism. With this word, Ecumenism, my sons are doing much harm to my children because they are confusing the truth with error and with lies.

‘I want you to understand Ecumenism, because my sons the priests have confused all of this and they have nourished this error in their hearts, and now they are transmitting it to the rest of my children and this is a great error that stirs up the wrath of the Eternal Father.  They are comparing Me with earthly gods, but there is only one God, one Triune God and that is Me, Jesus of Nazareth, and the wrath of the Eternal Father increases when He sees how the Church and my children have been seduced by the devil. I am going to explain to you that this mortal blow to the Church was suggested by the devil. The devil confused my sons because my sons were not at alert, they did not pray, they forgot to pray and were not at alert in their faith. The devil continued seducing them little by little until he gave a mortal blow to the Church and to my sons, and today; my sons are preaching the unity of churches saying that they are all the same, that they all save—but this is not true. This has to be made very clear to your hearts and to your minds because the true Christ, the true Doctrine, the true Church cannot be the same as a church invented by man and his false gods.

‘You must understand that there cannot be this unity, no. Because if Mohammed saves, if Luther saves, if the Jewish god saves then why did I have to come to suffer so much on the cross? This is what the priests want the rest of my children to forget; to forget my sacrifice on the cross, to forget that I died for them, to forget that without Me there is no salvation.

‘You must have this very clear because neither Mohammed nor Luther died for you, only I did—only I defeated the devil and this is what he wants my children to forget, and he is giving my sons the priests the idea that all churches should unite and preach a christ that is not Me, a christ that does not suffer, a christ that does not love; and they are doing this to eliminate the truth from the hearts of my children, and with a false charity they are destroying my children, they are destroying their Faith because they are joining the wheat with the weeds, because they are uniting the truth with falsehood and this cannot be dear children, no. The truth is the truth and I am the Truth and no one can compare himself with Me, no one.

‘There is only one True God and I am that God, only Me, no one else. The Bible says: “Don’t make false gods.” Don’t compare Me with the gods that you make to your needs and likings. You must not do this; wake up from your sleep; open your eyes and see that you cannot confuse the truth with falsehood. This cannot be because if the truth is not the truth then it is not true; if the truth has been contaminated by falsehood then it is not the truth, and this you must understand because now the Church is preaching a fatal ecumenism, and they say that there is religious freedom; that it is not like it was in the past years when they said that the only salvation was in the Church of Jesus Christ—but this is a great lie because this remains the same. Salvation is only in My Church, in the Church that I founded, outside of this Church there is no salvation. This is why I am telling you that what men are doing and saying, that there is salvation in any church, is not true. It is a demonic trap to confuse you so that you are lost; so that your hearts lose Faith, the true Faith, and then you will not worry about following the Truth, following Justice, following the Light.  

‘I said in the Bible that I am the Truth, I am the way, I am the Door to Heaven, only Me. Therefore I want you to take this into account, because I want you to understand that the doctrine that is now being introduced in the Church is in error. I want this to be very clear in your hearts and in your minds—that Ecumenism is an error. I, Jesus, the Son of God, the Son of the Virgin Mary, the God that died nailed to the cross for your love, says so; and I will never deceive you because I am the Truth and the Life, because I am the door, the only Door that leads to the Eternal Father—do not forget this! And to those who want to confuse you with these ideas, with these doctrines, tell them that they are in error—because you cannot mix the truth with a falsehood, it cannot be because then the truth is no longer the truth.

‘And I tell you that this idea is a demonic trap to confuse my children, but I promised my Church, my true Church that I would protect her from evil, that I would prevent hell from introducing itself, and I am fulfilling this by coming to instruct you so that you will know the truth, so that you will know where you are heading to and are sure of where you are going. The priests are confusing my children and preach religious freedom, a freedom in everything, but when my children ask for Communion kneeling down they deny them of it. Where is the religious freedom they are preaching? This means that there is much evil in their hearts because they do not want to give Me the due adoration that my true children want to give Me, and this confusion has been so great in my sons, such a great confusion in those priests, that those dear sons of mine that want to follow the truth of my Doctrine have to hide. Do you see how wrong the Church is? Do you see how wrong my sons are? Those who should defend the Truth, my Doctrine, defend the Church, only destroy and do not want to help those children of mine that want to remain in the truth, that want justice, and those that really love Me are humiliated. But the day will come when those who helped to spread this error will have to come before God’s Tribunal and give an account of all this. When the time of justice comes, when the time of judgment comes everyone will be judged according to his work, and those who did not want to give Me due adoration will be punished because they did not want to serve Me but served the Devil, the Antichrist...

‘Woe to those priests! Woe to those that call the truth falsehood and falsehood a truth! Woe to those who make the Light into darkness! Woe to those who call the darkness a Light! Woe to those that call sweet what is bitter and bitter what is sweet! Because the moment will come when I will impose my Truth, when I will impose my Light, and then all of those who did not want to walk in the Light will see my Justice and they will be sorry.

‘My sons, I am making this call to you so that you will understand that you are in error, and you must leave this error and stop promoting error—do not continue wanting a false Ecumenism, a false unity, a unity based on error. Open your eyes and see that the time will come when you will see that I am protecting My Church, My true Church, and I will do it, and when you realise this you will cry because instead of helping my true children who have not received any support, instead of raising your voice as others have done, you are happy in your error because in your error you can sin more, and this you do not want to change because you want to continue sinning. This is why it bothers you when someone comes and tells you the truth, and tells you that this is not true, that this should not be, that this does not conform to the Doctrine that God left us. I said: If an angel comes and tells you things that I did not teach you, do not listen because there is only one Doctrine, and it is the Doctrine that you know. I warned you, I told you, then why do you not want to obey? Why do you not want to see your error?

‘You must listen to my words because my Words are Truth and Life, and my Doctrine is not a fashion that today says one thing and tomorrow will say something different, no, my Doctrine is one, one, one, and it will always be, because God does not change, because God is always the same...

‘I said, and I will fulfill what I said, and that is that I will be with my true Church, with those children that love Me, that truly love Me and want to give Me due adoration and want to follow Me, want to follow the Cross as I taught them. Now my sons are preaching a resurrected christ, a christ that does not suffer, a christ that does not cry for the sins of man, and the image they give is that of a material christ, more social than spiritual, and many priests are brought into the world with a christ that is not Me, with a resurrected christ, a christ that does not suffer, that does not cry.

‘You know that it is true that I resurrected, this is true, but before I could resurrect I had to die first, and no one, no one, no one in the world can resurrect without first dying. This false idea is not correct because it makes my children forget the Cross, forget that first they have to die on the Cross, and this means to stop sinning and to die to anything that ties them to the earth and prevents them from reaching heaven.

‘After knowing Christ, knowing about His Cross, knowing about His Suffering, knowing about His Death, then the Resurrection is known and this is when people or my beloved children have acquired supernatural grace. But this is not obtained easily. Every end has its beginning, and you do not start with the end because it is not correct. First, everything has a beginning, and then an end, but if only the end is given, it is not complete.

‘This is what you have to understand. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and there must not be any god before Me, earthly gods, gods that have been invented by mam, because only I am God, only Me. Do not place other gods before Me because when the time comes I will destroy all the gods made by the hand of man. I will remove all the false gods and I will let you see your error, and because you do not want to heed my words you will see your error, but then it will be too late, because it will be the time of my Justice, of my Divine Wrath, and I will destroy all the false gods that you compare Me with and that offend Me greatly because you compare them to Me. You want them to be equall to Me but this cannot be, and I repeat: there is only one God, who is Unique and True, the Triune God, and no other.            

‘I want you to understand... that, even though my sons shout to the world that there must be love between brothers and that you should love a Mohammedan, a Lutheran and Protestants in the same way as you love a Catholic, you must not obey them. You must not confuse the truth with falsehood because this is a demonic trap that the devil spread into the Church, and the Church was not farsighted, it was not prudent and it was deceived...The Church is going to its ruin, but I will save the Church that is truly mine, I have said it, and you will see this because where I am, my Church will be.

‘You can see how everything is changed—the priests do the lay man’s work and the lay men do the work of the priests, everything is turned upside down, everything is confused. Therefore you must listen to my words, you must listen because only I am the Truth and the Life. There is no god but Me, there is not, only I am God, only Me; and man is putting Me side by side with other gods that are made by man; but they will receive their punishment. They will receive my punishment when my Divine Wrath is manifested to the world, and then you will understand everything that I have been teaching you, and you will understand that everything I have been saying was for your health, and that it would be a light for your minds so that you will not be deceived.

‘I am going to give you a sign that is already very much in the Church, and it is this unification where all do what the others do and go with the error, and my little children are taught that Mohammed and Jesus Christ are equal. This wounds the heart of my Holy Mother. It fills it with pain because, how is it possible that man can be so blind and not see that my sons the priests are spreading this error that Mohammed is equal to Me?

‘Oh wickedness of men! Wickedness that you do to my little children! This wickedness will be severely punished because I, the only God, detest these men, the liars and slanderers, men that call the truth falsehood and falsehood truth. And not happy with this, they preach that the Light is darkness and the darkness is Light, but the moment will come when I will pour out my Divine Wrath, and when this moment comes the world will tremble, the world will cry over their sins because I detest all those men that shed innocent blood, that scandalise my children, that do not tell the truth, but deceive them.

‘The reason why I and my Holy Mother come is because, one day I said, if you my sons do not speak the truth, I will come and teach my children the truth, I will instruct them, I Myself will take my sheep away from you because you have not been good shepherds, because...you have not cured the sick sheep, because you have not given strength to the weak sheep...’       

Indeed, there are so many other things which Our Lord warns us against, but time and space cannot permit us to quote them all here. He speaks about the false Protestant Bibles which Novus Ordo priests read in Churches and confuse Catholics with; He speaks about Apostasy, about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, about Hell, and so on. Apart from the Satanic Ecumenism which He vehemently condemns, He also condemns the Novus Ordo Mass which was imposed upon the Church by Pope Paul VI and other Vatican II theologians, and insists that Priests, Bishops and Cardinals who wish to be saved must abandon the current Protestant Mass and go back to the Tridentine Mass. On the scandals of the Novus Ordo Mass, He warns that priests and bishops who give “communion” in the hand, priests and bishops who teach the people to receive “communion” while standing instead of kneeling down, priests and bishops who invite women to the altar, like the “altar girls” or the lay readers,  priests and bishops who give “communion” to Deacons, to Rev. Sisters or even to lay men and women to distribute to the faithful—all these will face the Divine Wrath of the Almighty God. He says:

‘...Now the Mass has been relegated to a simple feast, and this I warn you is a suggestion of the devil because in Holy Masses, in well celebrated Masses, in Masses where my children know who they are going to receive and know who is present, the devils cannot enter, because the well celebrated Masses prevent the devils from entering and annoying my children and Communion is given properly so that my children can receive the necessary graces for their souls and for their salvation. And now the Masses are being celebrated as great banquets, and the devils dance and sing together with my children and they suggest horrible things to them. Therefore I am warning you, do not go to these Masses where I am not present. And I am telling you that I am not present because the one that presides at these Masses is the devil assisted by numerous devils that suggest to my children that they sing, that they dance, that they make all kinds of noise, and by screaming the only thing they achieve is that my children cannot give Me adoration, because the noise is so great that they cannot concentrate, and when they have all this noise they also dance, sing and some are even possessed by the devil...I am telling you now to flee from the charismatic Masses, avoid them if you want to be saved...’ 

Now it should be noted that, on October 14, 1988, during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, Our Lord Jesus Christ said to Rev. Sister Hermana Guadalupe:

‘The Holy wrath of the Eternal Father is near. There is not much time left but all those who are under the Mantle of the Blessed Virgin, Our Mother, I will protect, I will help, I will be among them, I and My Mother, I and My Blessed Mother. But those who do not take refuge in My Mercy will tremble from fear from everything that is to come. Do not think that, just because they (the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope) are my shepherds they are leading you to the truth. No, understand that these are the latter times, understand that these are the times of the Antichrist. He has now introduced himself into My Church and is destroying it with the help of my Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and even the Pope is helping with this. You must be at alert and use your discernment because even the Pope is helping, helping my people to be in error, to be in error.’     
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